Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Bent Venturi


pipe photo
The value of pipe #020 is n/a points.

Bill Unger, a generous soul and a founder of the North American Society of Pipe Collectors, heard of my interest in these pyrolytic graphite pipes, and sold me his entire collection of six. A better example of the style finally came my way and this one is moved to the Pipes for Sale page.

Nolan Tobias bought it because, as he put it:

I love the 1776 pipe that I bought in 1976 and have smoked (heavily) every day since. I dropped the pipe on the mouthpiece 4 months ago and had to have the mouthpiece replaced ($27) (It lasted 1/2 hour before a chip broke out of the tip where the tongue touches, though the tongue has it well worn already.)

The bowl interior is like factory fresh,the exterior is in pretty good condition (paint, no nicks, and white). I'm 52 years old and wanted to have a spare available for the rest of my life. These are darn good pipes! No wonder no-one else makes these anymore, they'd only be able to sell 1 to a customer. I'm going to will these to my kids.

As I have repeatedly observed, most smokers hate these things, but those of us who like 'em, love 'em a lot. So this one goes to the Pipes Sold page - and a more deserving owner can't be found.