Billie W. Taylor II, Ph.D.

Apple the pipe

Forest Green

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The value of pipe #004 is 27 points.
27 points description

Baker Egerton introduced himself to me after I joined Pipes Digest on the internet. He then introduced me to the eBay auction site which he studies regularly for pipes to add to his own collection. Baker pointed this one out to me while it was being offered by Dennis Brown on eBay. I bid, overbid, and then seriously overbid. So I got the pipe from Dennis. It has all worked out for the best, however. Baker is a continuing source of leads to pipes I want on eBay and Dennis has since sold me other pipes at more reasonable prices. You will read more of both of them and eBay as you go through the rest of my collection. And just maybe I didn't overpay so badly; I have seen few other dark green Apple the pipe.